Adhesives Technology Corporation Launches Two New IBC-Compliant Adhesives

Adhesives Technology Corporation has released two new code-compliant, ICC-evaluated adhesive anchoring products – ULTRABOND® HYB-2CC, a hybrid vinylester, and ULTRABOND® EPX-3CC, a high performance, value optimized epoxy.

New federal regulations have raised the bar on performance requirements for adhesives used on federally funded projects, and states are following suit. As engineers are looking to specify adhesive products with a pedigree, the addition of two additional IBC/IRC compliant adhesive products fills the need in the industry and brings additional value to the already impressive ULTRABOND® line from Adhesives Technology. Both products are compatible with Pro Anchor Design,  ATC’s advanced anchor design software.

ULTRABOND® HYB-2CC is a hybrid anchoring adhesive approved for use in dry, damp or water-filled holes in cracked and uncracked concrete and can be applied in temperatures down to 23 F.  For jobs where time is of the essence, HYB-2CC will cure completely in 30 minutes at 70 F. To view its ICC report, see ESR-4535

ULTRABOND® EPX-3CC is a high-performance anchoring epoxy ideal for high volume specifications. It is a best in class product that’s code approved in bulk and cartridge. Because it is formulated with a 1:1 mix ratio and 24-month shelf life, it is easy to use and economical to store. EPX-3CC has also been evaluated to perform as advertised by ICC – see ESR-4533 for more information.

About Adhesives Technology Corp.

A member of Meridian Adhesives Group, Adhesives Technology Corp. has been formulating and manufacturing complex chemical adhesives for decades, and the addition of two more IBC compliant offerings cements their position firmly at the top of the industry. Their products boast over 220 DOT approvals and are well known on jobsites across North America. Check out their website at or call for more information.

Evans Adhesive Corporation Unveils New Logo

Evans Adhesive Corporation, a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives, announced the company’s new logo today.

This announcement coincides with the company’s renewed focus on building a lasting reputation as the agile solution provider in the adhesives market. Established in 1900, Evans has built a solid foundation of trusted, quality products while providing personal, flexible service. 

“The new logo is a dynamic way to reintroduce our experience and overall capabilities to the markets we serve,” said Rusty Thompson, president of Evans Adhesive Corporation. “With our established place in the Meridian Adhesives Group portfolio, we are in a stronger position to serve the needs of our customers.”

With the purchase of Evans in 2018 by Meridian Adhesives Group, a leading platform in the global adhesives sector, Evans is better positioned than ever to create responsive, forward-thinking solutions. Growing with the Meridian portfolio of adhesive companies has brought synergies, expertise and new approaches to problem solving for customers’ latest needs. 

“Evans’ new visual identity is one essential piece in our efforts to continue the company’s customer-focused approach in the market,” said Daniel Pelton, CEO of Meridian Adhesives Group. “This was the perfect time to refresh our long-standing brand, and we look forward to new opportunities for Evans with the backing of the Meridian platform.”

Evans will present its updated branding efforts across multiple platforms, including the company’s social media presence (LinkedIn and Facebook), advertising campaigns and packaging. The company is also in the process of developing a new website to enhance the user experience, optimize for mobile devices, and simplify navigation for customers. The goal is to launch the website in Q3 of this year.

About Evans Adhesive Corporation

Founded in 1900, Evans Adhesive Corporation is one of America’s leading manufacturers of industrial adhesives. With headquarters centrally located in Columbus, Ohio and additional manufacturing facilities in Rancho Cucamonga, California, the company has a well-established reputation in the industry, with an emphasis on customer satisfaction, product quality and timely delivery. Its array of capabilities is broad and includes pressure-sensitive hot melts; polyamides; APAO; EVA packaging hot melts; various water-based, palletizing and graphic arts, as well as outdoor advertising adhesive applications. For more information, visit

Meridian Companies Continue Operating as Part of COVID-19 Solution

Meridian Adhesives Group companies have continued to operate through this global COVID-19 pandemic. All of the Meridian manufacturing facilities were quick to adopt a series of precautionary measures to protect our workforce. As part of the critical infrastructure industry as defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, we have a duty to continue to produce materials that are key components to several critical market sectors, including medical device manufacturing and infrastructure build and repair. 

At Epoxy Technology, Inc., located in Billerica, MA, several products are manufactured as key components for medical devices. In particular, EPO-TEK 730, an all-purpose epoxy adhesive, is used in the assembly of medical airflow sensors. These sensors are then part of ventilator assemblies, which are in very high demand. Epoxy Technology has been able to maintain needed production levels and ship this material as needed in order to keep ventilator manufacturing going strong.

Epoxies, Etc., located in Cranston, RI, produces a material known as 50-3152, which is a thermally conductive, flame retardant, epoxy potting compound used in various applications, including the manufacture of air purifying systems for use in hospitals. These systems are an important part of keeping both healthcare workers and patients safe.

Face shields are a critical piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used by healthcare workers and others to minimize the possibility of spreading or contracting the COVID-19 virus. At Evans Adhesive Corp., based in Columbus, OH, Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives have the perfect qualities to support the assembly of these face shields. Evans is currently working with a customer to qualify this material for the application.

Adhesives Technology Corp. in Pompano Beach, FL, specializes in advanced structural adhesives and high-performance concrete repair materials. It is extremely important to keep America’s infrastructure in working order to keep critical supply chains moving. Adhesives Technology Corp was recently consulted to assist in the repair of a runway at Nashville International Airport. The team was able to quickly identify and supply Crackbond Healer/Sealer for a quick and effective repair of the runaway.

Taylor Adhesives, based in Dalton, GA, is a leading adhesives and coatings manufacturer in the floor covering industry. One of the key applications of Taylor products is the supply of flooring adhesive frequently used in conjunction with resilient flooring. Many of the emergency temporary medical facilities that were built in various parts of the U.S. relied on Taylor products to install their flooring.

The hardworking teams at Meridian Adhesives Group companies have continued to produce and supply products through these difficult times, and we are especially proud that those products are part of the solution in combating COVID-19.