Adhesives Technology Corporation Announces 250 DOT Approvals Nationwide

Alabama DOT recently issued an approval for ULTRABOND HYB-2CC, ULTRABOND EPX-3CC, and ULTRABOND 1300-FG for use on its highways and bridges. That makes a total of nine Adhesives Technology Corp. (ATC) products approved in Alabama, and its approval brings ATC to 250 total material list approvals nationwide.

A complete breakdown of state-by-state product approvals is available on the company’s website at

“Infrastructure repair, and supporting state Departments of Transportation, has been a primary segment of Adhesives Technology’s business for the better part of two decades,” said T. J. Bland, President of ATC and engineer. “This focus, combined with providing some of the nation’s strongest and most versatile anchoring, doweling and concrete repair products, has culminated in the celebration of our 250th approved product listing across the United States.”

Engineers and contractors can easily search for DOT approval listings and documents state-by-state or product-by-product through ATC’s website – Visitors to the site can now make informed and timely decisions on transportation infrastructure projects; and all IBC compliant and DOT approved ULTRABOND® anchoring and doweling adhesives are compatible with Adhesives Technology’s Pro Anchor Design software, an industry-leading design solution featuring a single-panel interface that’s incredibly powerful and free.

ATC is a leading manufacturer of construction and industry-related adhesives in epoxies, urethanes, acrylics, ester blends and polyureas. The company is one of the largest private label epoxy manufacturers in the United States.

About Adhesives Technology Corp.
A member of Meridian Adhesives Group, Adhesives Technology Corp. has been formulating and manufacturing complex chemical adhesives for decades, and the addition of two more IBC compliant offerings cements their position firmly at the top of the industry. View the company’s website at or call for more information.