About Meridian

About Meridian

Meridian Adhesives Group is a full-service, global adhesive solution provider. Through the science of innovation, our charter is to deliver purposeful, high-impact products and solutions that make possible the goals of our customers.

Meridian was established by Arsenal Capital Partners in 2018 as a platform of adhesive technologies serving the electronics, flooring, infrastructure, and packaging markets. Since then, Meridian has become a leading name in the adhesives sector through the company’s commitment to innovative technology, operational excellence, and a customer-focused approach.

With corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas, Meridian’s leadership team is strategically positioned to support the company’s global employee base and grow its acquisition pipeline.

Company Vision

  • The Meridian team pushes the boundaries of technology and chemistry to deliver products that exceed the needs of our global customers
  • Our cross-platform technology allows advanced collaboration with clients
  • We span a diverse and broad set of chemistries, industries and markets
  • We live up to our reputation of being an agile adhesive solution provider – swiftly offering customized service and innovative products that help our customers win in their markets

Our high standards of operational excellence ensure:

  • Performance of our products
  • Satisfaction of our customers
  • Sustainability of our enterprise

  • Our global customer base spans multiple markets and industries
  • We emphasize a company-wide focus on meeting the needs of customers with the highest performing adhesive solutions
  • Everything we do is centered on ensuring our customers receive the full value of the Meridian customer-focused experience

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