Meridian Companies Continue Operating as Part of COVID-19 Solution

Meridian Adhesives Group companies have continued to operate through this global COVID-19 pandemic. All of the Meridian manufacturing facilities were quick to adopt a series of precautionary measures to protect our workforce. As part of the critical infrastructure industry as defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, we have a duty to continue to produce materials that are key components to several critical market sectors, including medical device manufacturing and infrastructure build and repair.

At Epoxy Technology, Inc., located in Billerica, MA, several products are manufactured as key components for medical devices. In particular, EPO-TEK 730, an all-purpose epoxy adhesive, is used in the assembly of medical airflow sensors. These sensors are then part of ventilator assemblies, which are in very high demand. Epoxy Technology has been able to maintain needed production levels and ship this material as needed in order to keep ventilator manufacturing going strong.

Epoxies, Etc., located in Cranston, RI, produces a material known as 50-3152, which is a thermally conductive, flame retardant, epoxy potting compound used in various applications, including the manufacture of air purifying systems for use in hospitals. These systems are an important part of keeping both healthcare workers and patients safe.

Face shields are a critical piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used by healthcare workers and others to minimize the possibility of spreading or contracting the COVID-19 virus. At Evans Adhesive Corp., based in Columbus, OH, Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives have the perfect qualities to support the assembly of these face shields. Evans is currently working with a customer to qualify this material for the application.

Adhesives Technology Corp. in Pompano Beach, FL, specializes in advanced structural adhesives and high-performance concrete repair materials. It is extremely important to keep America’s infrastructure in working order to keep critical supply chains moving. Adhesives Technology Corp was recently consulted to assist in the repair of a runway at Nashville International Airport. The team was able to quickly identify and supply Crackbond Healer/Sealer for a quick and effective repair of the runaway.

Taylor Adhesives, based in Dalton, GA, is a leading adhesives and coatings manufacturer in the floor covering industry. One of the key applications of Taylor products is the supply of flooring adhesive frequently used in conjunction with resilient flooring. Many of the emergency temporary medical facilities that were built in various parts of the U.S. relied on Taylor products to install their flooring.

The hardworking teams at Meridian Adhesives Group companies have continued to produce and supply products through these difficult times, and we are especially proud that those products are part of the solution in combating COVID-19.